It’s Better For Consumers

Our Engineers Have Unlocked The Language Of Batteries

Connected Power™ is a set of tools, hardware, and cloud-based infrastructure to easily add IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities to batteries and battery accessories.

Today’s consumers want to be informed by the products they buy, and in a few years, they will expect to be informed by the products they own. Consumers will gravitate to these types of connected products because it gives them control.

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IoT For Batteries

Unlock The Language Of Batteries

It’s Better For Manufacturers

Most manufacturers don’t have a lot of data about how their products are used. With Connected Power™ you will learn more about how the products you make are used in the first year then you have ever known in the past.

IoT is in its infancy but we’ve the number of connected devices skyrocket in just a few short years. There is massive global demand for IoT technologies and it’s important that every player in the battery industry be aware of it and be able to participate in it.

Our goal with Connected Power™ is to create a set of standards and resources for the entire battery industry to tap into. We want to level the playing field early so that all have a chance to participate in the IoT revolution.

Rather than force everyone to develop their own IoT programs, we are removing the barriers to entry so that all of our members have a chance to skip a step and start innovating now.

Goals For Connected Power™

We’ve Already Done The R&D

Using Connected Power™ will allow you to launch IoT batteries and battery accessories in months instead of years. You will only need a fraction of the development time and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Join The IoT Revolution Faster

Here are some of the cost and time saving benefits of adding your batteries and devices to the Connected Power™ ecosystem.

  • The servers are already up and running
  • The hardware development is complete
  • The databases are capturing data
  • We’ve done the research and development
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